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June Ceramic Studio is a Full Service Dental Lab established in California over 30 years ago. Our lab is one of the country's largest dental laboratory and leading producer of dental prosthetics. Our dental lab specializes in IPS Emax restorations to help you give your patients impeccable aesthetic results. We also offer a range of high-quality dental products and services including different types of All Ceramic implants and dentures for a Low cost. We are highly-trained and certified technicians providing affordable dental products, utilizing cutting edge dental arts.


Our mission in June Ceramic Studio is to provide esthetically remarkable restorations with the highest quality standards, custom designed in our laboratory using state-of-the-art technology. With open and honest communication, we strive to develop and maintain relationships with our doctors to enhance the quality of their patient’s lives and value to their practice.


June Ceramic Home


Dr Gary R O’Brien DDS Inc

I have been working with June Ceramic Studio for more than a year now. I am so impressed with this lab. Everyday I send them a different challenge, and they just get better and surprise me with outstanding work. They fabricate beautiful restorations and their customer service is excellent as they are very attentive to our constant needs until they fulfill our expectations.

June Ceramic Home
Nominated best Dentist in Glendale in 2009 by Best of La Television Series (KCLA)